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Description: This week starts as last week ended, under the influence of a Sun/Mars Square. This is a volatile energy, a fighting energy, but Mars our warrior is in Capricorn so he is a little less impulsive and is willing to show strength in a quiet way. The challenge for an energy that likes quiet strength is we have most of the planets as well as Sun and Moon in the Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, the Moon in Cancer on Sunday sets this energy off. It can mean we see a lot of activity both aggressive and assertive in all areas of life. Those who have a lot of the Cardinal Signs in their chart will it more than the rest of us. On a larger stage it can be unrest hostile acts by countries or those that rule countries. It can be much more personal where we run into aggressive situations so drive carefully and don't react if others act aggressive.
Monday brings us the Moon in Leo, which amps up the amount of Fire in the chart, a lot of Fire can be inspiring and exciting, but it can also burn quickly and leave us feeling spent. So pace yourself, being excited and inspiring is great just pace yourself.
Mid week brings us some interesting energy. First we have the Sun Square Saturn, this is a restrict energy. All that excitement earlier in the week can be turned into action or it can have us feeling stumped and unable to move forward . Saturn will force us to slow down and look at our life or what is going on around us, Saturn wants us to evaluate where we are, think of it as a check in or check up. If we are not where we need to be this is a great time for adjustments. Then we have Mars approaching a conjunction with Saturn, as we are approaching a Full Moon. This can be restrictive energy, frustrating energy, a desire to take actions that are impleaded, and a certain amount of rashness. then we have Venus conjunct Uranus at 27 Aries, which indicates some financial surprises and or relationship issues. On a personal level I would say this is not a great time to make a major financial decision, you may feel pushing to take actions, but waiting out this energy would be wise. On the world stage this can be a very volatile energy, anything from hostility between nations to financial issues coming to the surface, or financial surprises that have us feeling uneasy. And remember Mercury is still retrograde so what we think is not necessarily what will happen.
The big event/energy of the week will be pushed by the Full Moon on March 31. This Full Moon is extremely volatile and filled with emotional reactions. The Mars/Saturn Conjunction will closely Square this Full Moon. The Moon occurs at 10* 45' of Libra at 8:37 AM EDT. The Mars/Saturn energy on its own is not really negative, it can be frustrating, Mars wants to move forward Saturn wants to hold back, but when they work together they can accomplish almost anything. Because of the Square to the Sun/Mercury in Aries we fine much more frustration with this energy, than it has on its own and it all combines together for a Full Moon with the potential for emotional outbursts and anger. If you have Cardinal Planets between 5-12 this energy will affect you. Full Moons are about releasing what we no longer need, its a time to empty the closest of your emotional life. A great way to use Mars and Saturn is physical work, yard work, a big cleaning, or jogging and those things will help you with this energy, but I would also suggest look inward and see what you hang onto emotionally and let it go. I think of Full Moon's as a time when we get a giant flashlight looking into our subconscious, so those things we push aside at other times of the month come to the surface, they see the light and want to reach it. So sit quietly and allow those things to go. We have one bright spot on the day of the Full Moon and that is Venus, she moves into Taurus at 12:54 AM EDT, Venus in Taurus is soothing and comforting. She likes to bring peace to any difficult situation. Remember in Greek/Roman Mythology only Venus could sooth the anger of the War God Mars.

Date: Sunday, April 1, 2018
Priority: Medium
Access: Public
Created by: Lelonni Campbell
Updated: Sunday, March 25, 2018 12:45pm

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