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Description: We enter a new week and start off a new month with that Mars/Saturn conjunction that began on Saturday. This Square is potentially positive, as it brings a "get it done" type of energy. but this Conjunction Squares the Sun and Mercury, meaning we can see some push back or blocking of the direction we want to move in. It can as simple as wanting to fix something and not having the proper tool, Mars rules tools, or as complex as world leaders attempting to accomplish something that affects all of us. Plus I think it would be prudent to keep in mind the fact that Mars will be a Capricorn another 6 weeks, as it moves into Aquarius it will slow down as it gets ready for its Retrograde Cycle. This means we can expect to go over things we start now because Mars will come back and go over this degree. So be willing to look at what you do accomplish now in a few weeks, you may say all is good and that is that or you may say I can see areas of improvement and make the adjustments.
Tuesday brings us the last day of the Mars/Saturn Conjunction but the last day is the closest with the Square to Mercury, Mercury is retrograde so its moving backwards towards this aspect. Mercury is in Aries, a sign that is very forward and outspoken, The Square to Mars/Saturn can have us speaking out of frustration, or we hear others speaking from a frustrated place. If that frustration is justified or not is not what this is about, its more about wanting to speak and feeling like your not being heard. It can affect all of us, but it will affect the Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, the strongest.
One of the other things Mars/Saturn and Mercury can indicate is military force or actions. The Mercury quality of this energy can be talk that ranges from bluster on military strength or it can be a focus on the military, and the needs of the military. This talk can get louder mid week as Mercury moves closer to the Square of Mars.
We also have a Jupiter/Pluto Sextile forming mid week, this is a nice energy. Both of these planets have extremism as a part of their makeup so when they are active we want more of everything. Its a time when we have to watch those "urges" that can get us into trouble. The good news is the signs they are in Scorpio/Capricorn as known for self control. These two planets together can also indicate a time when making an investment can pay off big time. Its also an energy of wanting to know and digging deep to find out the when, where and why of any topic. Nothing can escape our focus.
We end this week with the Moon moving into Capricorn on Friday afternoon and through Saturday and Sunday, the Moon joins Mars, Saturn and Pluto all of them Square by Sign if not degree The Sun, Mercury and Uranus. That is a lot of Cardinal Signs, the Cardinal signs are known for impatience and needing to take action Squares are known for blocking or preventing causing frustration. Squares are not negative, its a 90 degree angle that does not allow an easy passage and for the Cardinal Signs this is uncomfortable. So we may see a lot of stressed, anxious annoyed people, be patient with them as this energy will pass. As the Moon leaves Capricorn late Sunday we see a release, still a lot of stress but also a release, as the Moon is bringing together planets that are not quite in orb of each other. The Moon is the glue that pulls this energy into a place where we feel it.
Date: Sunday, April 8, 2018
Priority: Medium
Access: Public
Created by: Lelonni Campbell
Updated: Saturday, March 31, 2018 6:18pm

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