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Description: This week my first mention is not to miss an opportunity to see a beautiful Conjunction with the Moon and Jupiter that is very visible in the evening sky over the week end. As bright as a Full Moon is its not enough to hide Jupiter. (I will talk about the Full Moon next)
Sunday brings us some very powerful energy, as we see the number 9 proment. Saturn is 9 Capricorn and we have a Full Moon at 9 Scorpio and the Sun at 9 Taurus. 9 is an interesting number as it is the last of the single numbers, so one of the interpretations is that it is a number of completion of a cycle. But it is also considered a very spiritual energy as it vibrates with the energy of Higher Knowledge, Enlightenment, Universal Love and Service to Humanity. This energy aligns with the Full Moon, we have at 8:58 PM EDT. Each year the Full Moon in Scorpio is a time of celebration a time when the life of the Buddha is honored. The celebration is called The Wesak is a celebration that honors the energies of enlightenment a goal the Buddha shows us how to achieve.
The Full Moon in Scorpio is a time to let go as all Full Moon's are, but in Scorpio we can find that place of purging of letting go of habits or emotions that have outlived any use they once had. The Sign of Scorpio is a sign of transformation, with Scorpio something has to "die" so something new can be born. Its such a spiritual time of year, and such a spiritual number that each of us has an opportunity to open up to our true selves and release the heaviness of the baggage we all carry. This is an emotional Full Moon and if you have planets that 10-12 of the Water Signs you can find you feel things much more acutely, especially those things you need to bring up for release. Its a time when you will find your intuitive abilities are heightened. A time when we all need to pay attention to our dreams as they can bring us messages and inspiration.
The Trine of Saturn to the Sun while it Sextile's the Moon at the time of exactness brings a really nice energy for laying a foundation and planning. You may feel inspired with all this positive energy.
Tuesday brings a Venus/Saturn Inconjunct. Inconjuncts are a unique energy, they can be both positive and negative at the same time, what this does is bring a type of instability. Saturn is the stronger planet in this combination as Saturn is in the sign it ruled. Venus is a planet of money, so for me this is an energy of unstable financial energy. It can mean spending to much or it can mean being overly cautious and missing opportunity. If you have planets between 8-10 of Gemini or Capricorn this energy will affect your chart.
On Thursday 5/3 we have a lot of small Mercury aspects, nothing major but it indicates a lot of news. Mercury is all about chatter/movement/news, so we may see a whole lot of news or stories its a time when we hear rumors and have debates about all sorts of topics.
Friday brings a Mercury in Aries Inconjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. As I said earlier Inconjuncts are a unstable energy, but in the case of Mercury and Jupiter that instability can create a need to look deeper and understand events on a deep level. The signs the planets are in don't always get each other, but they are both signs that push to find out what they want to know. So this energy can be turned into investigative type of energy, and of course Mercury wants everyone to know all abut what it finds out. So we may see Friday into next Saturday bring some really interesting energy, maybe even secrets as Jupiter in Scorpio always holds a few secrets.
We end the week with a Sun/Neptune Sextile. This is a wonderful energy, its loving/creative/inspiration and full of hope. If you have 14-16 degrees of the Earth Signs Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn or the Water Signs Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces this energy will grace your life. The artistic types will find this energy bringing a lot of inspiration, the romantic types will find love in everything they encounter, even those that are edgy will lose their edge at least for the day.
Date: Sunday, May 6, 2018
Priority: Medium
Access: Public
Created by: Lelonni Campbell
Updated: Saturday, April 28, 2018 12:42pm

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