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Description: Mercury Square Pluto is how we start our week. I personally like these two planets together as they work well together especially for problem solving or focus. But we have a Square so we see difficulty in finding the balance that problem solving needs. What we can find is a digging in an unwillingness to change the way we are thinking. Squares are a 90 degree angle in Astrology, they represent blockages and frustration. What we often find as we live our lives is blockages often force us to re-evaluate, opening the door for a new way to see things. That new insight is often where a solution lies. So if you find yourself feeling stuck/frustrated/aggravated think of it as a gift, a way for you to find a new visions or viewpoint. If you have Cardinal Planet Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, between 19 22 this energy can affect you. If you know the houses of your chart where they are transiting you will see the area of you life most likely to cause you so tensions. One of the things we say about Squares is they are either stumbling blocks or building blocks. I find most of us first stumble, we are human, then we build. This energy can also mean we extreme words/ideas spoken from those in power. The energy will influence Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Tuesday brings us another Square with planets that get along well. Venus in Gemini will Square Neptune in Pisces. Venus/Neptune can bring romance into our life, the challenge with the square is are you seeing the "other" for who they are or who you would like them to be. The challenge is when your not seeing clearly and all of a sudden your eyes open you feel deceived. You are not under this energy, but it feels like you were. So its important to stay grounded and clear, no promise until this energy is gone. The positive side of these planets are a romantic nature, everything feels beautiful and loving. Its also a great energy for the creative/artistic type. Your creative juices are stimulated and you fall in love with your chart. Venus is in Gemini so writers are favored. Those with Mutable Placements, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces between 15-17 will be the most affected by this energy
Wednesday brings a Venus Inconjunct Jupiter, and the Sun in Taurus, Venuses Sign, oppose Jupiter. Bottom line that is a whole lot of Jupiter/Venus energy. These two planets love each other they both have huge appetites for pleasure/fun/enjoyment for life and joy. Sounds great and it is great, but the tendency can be to overdue, they don't want to pass up that last morsel, drink, or moment of pleasure. This energy can lighten up those who are afraid to let loose, but it can be overload for those who are self indulgent. We all need to be conscious of this energy, and enjoy it in a way that brings you happiness that is of a lasting quality.
We have a nice Sun Pluto Trine on Friday, a Trine is a 120 degree angle that brings an easy flow of energy. The Sun is in Taurus and Pluto is Capricorn, this is a building energy, a great time to start a project especially if it involves any type of building. This is also a nice financial energy a good time to "build" your portfolio or make plans for investments. If you have Earth Placements between 20-22 degrees you have a nice energy for the day. You might even consider the purchase of a large item such as a new car. It a good day to make that decision.
We end the week with a Mercury Uranus Conjunction, the planets are together in the last degree of Aries. Another energy with planets that like each other and work well together. I always consider time of the lightbulb going off the energy of these two. They bring a new way of looking at things, they are also quick and see things in a way that is totally out of bounds for others. But these planets also Square Mars at the end of Capricorn. This is a very volatile combo, adding to the instability of this energy is the fact Uranus is ready to change signs, it moves into Taurus three days later so we are seeing the last gasps of Uranus in Aries. The Venus Mars energy can mean we hear upsetting news, or someone speaks very hurtfully or harshly, we can also receive shocking news. The Mars energy pushes us towards confrontations and challenges, I always feel that this type of energy is an indication of not just difficulty in travel, which it is, but the potential to run into road rage situations, it can be someone acting aggressively towards you or you acting in an aggressive way towards others. So what your reactions, we don't need to act on these impulses. A Positive use of this energy would be, doing something physical anything from exercise to gardening, I like the gardening as it grounds you, its hard to stay mad when your company is beautiful flowers and veggies. Those with the Cardinal energy in the late degrees will most feel this but we are all subject to its influence.
We also have Venus Inconjunct Pluto. This is a difficult energy for relationships, of all types. Our relationships with others on a personal level, those of a political persuasion. We may find out that people are not who we think they are.
Date: Sunday, May 13, 2018
Priority: Medium
Access: Public
Created by: Lelonni Campbell
Updated: Saturday, May 5, 2018 9:18am

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