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Description: We start the week with the lingering energy of Venus Trine Neptune and moving towards an opposition of Pluto. This is mixed message energy, Neptune/Venus is a loving trusting gentle energy, Venus/Pluto is a very intense energy that can push us towards extremes, we can feel instant attractions or enter into intense relationships. This energy can work on a personal level especially if you have planets or points in your chart that are between 17 and 21 of the Cardinal Signs , Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. We can find our impulses and desires want to be indulged in everything from diet to relationships. On a larger level it can indicate difficulties with those who have power, Venus is the planet of agreements and cooperation, so when its with Neptune everyone is very polite and cooperative, but when with Pluto challenging or manipulative, meaning what we thorough we had agreed on turns into a power struggle. Its probably a good idea to put off commitments until this energy has moved on.
We are gong to have a Mars retrograde this month, Mars retrogrades once every two years. Mars has a long retrograde cycle when you count in the stationary, or slow down and the moving forward or speeding up. Any planet that goes retrograde has a slow down, it stops, and then turns backwards, think of driving on the LIE, if someone stops in front of you, the process is to slow down, when you start to move forward you take a few minutes to get back up to speed. Its the same with the planets, except that they don't really stop, its how the orbit is seen from Earth. A stop by any planet would totally shake up our Solar System. The effects of the Mars slow down is already being felt, Mars will turn retrograde on 6/26 and stay that way until 8/27/ Mars is a planet of action, so slowing it down means it can be hard to get things done, it feels as if it takes twice as much time to complete half of what we want to do. It can be frustrating, especially for those with late degree Capricorn planets and early Aquarian planets. Its a time when we need to avoid hostile situations, as some people react to Mars retrograde by acting out or expressing anger. On the other hand its a great time to plan a project.
On Tuesday we have a Sun/Jupiter Inconjunct, these two planets like each other so no matter what the aspect they don't really cause a lot of friction, but they can cause excess of all types. Its a good energy for sharing ideas, especially since Mercury in Gemini is just a hair short of joining in on the Inconjunct. Just avoid over commitment, or just making promises in the heat of the moment and then forgetting about that promise.
On Tuesday the Sun in Gemini joins Mercury in Gemini, they both make contact with Jupiter but they also both Square Neptune. This is the energy of miscommunications, both intentionally and unintentionally. We can hear things that are not true, Gemini is a sign that often represents rumors of all type. When Mercury and or the sign Gemini are in contact with Neptune you get story telling energy, Storytelling can involve out and out fabrications or lies, to the creative energy it takes to tell or write a story. My guess is we will all hear some fabrications on Tuesday.
On Wednesday the Venus Pluto opposition is exact. This has to do with agreements as I mentioned before, but it also has to do with finances. It can be a day that we hear some difficult financial news, and we may be suspect of what we hear as we still are under the influence of Mercury Neptune. This is not a good day to make a major financial decision, especially if you have Mutable planets or points, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, between 16/17 degrees.
Friday brings more Mercury energy but this time with Pluto. Mercury Inconjuncts Pluto, so the contact is uncomfortable. We may hear things that anger us, or make us uncomfortable. Pluto is one of the financial planets so I think this is another day with the potential to hear some disturbing financial news.

Date: Sunday, June 10, 2018
Priority: Medium
Access: Public
Created by: Lelonni Campbell
Updated: Friday, June 1, 2018 8:41pm

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