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Description: The week starts with a building energy, its a negative or positive energy, so we can feel sort of the in-between feeling. So we may want to use the time for planning. We can asses where we are as well as where we want to be, so you can plan and create goals. (a very Saturn question). This way when the New Moon comes up, on the 13th you have your intention planned.
Monday brings a Sun/Pluto Inconjunct. This can be an energy that brings about power struggles. The Sun represents leaders or those in positions of authority, Pluto represents control/power and the inconjunct indicates difficulty between the two. We can see power struggles, power grabs, times of over stating ones power or abuse of power. The signs most affected by this will be Gemini and Capricorn with degrees between 19 & 21. This energy last into Tuesday.
On Tuesday at 3:59 PM EDT Mercury moves into Cancer. Changes in the sign that Mercury occupies means changes in group think and topics of conservation. As we move into Cancer we start to think and talk about what makes us feel safe, what our emotional needs are as well as concern or needs of those we love.
Wednesday June 13, at 3:43 PM EDT we have a New Moon at 22* 44" of Gemini. New Moon's are always a time for new starts, a time for putting intents out to the Universe. It's a time when the law of attraction is powerful. The sign of Gemini is a sign that is about our thinking patterns, so this is a great time to listen to your inner voice and see if your thinking needs to change, if its negative this is a time to push towards the positive. Gemini is also about communications about speaking our truth, not being afraid to vocalize your needs, thoughts and desires, a time when no one can censor you or what you think. New Moons are also a great time to send love and light to the world we live on.
On Thursday we have a Venus Uranus Square. Venus and Uranus really have fun when together. It can be a time when being with those we love is fun, we do something different or out of character, but we also have to be careful of this energy as it is a Square. We can make poor choices and blame it on love, or we may make romantic commitments we later regret. Venus is also about finances so some uncomfortable financial news can reach us, or we can make some poor financial choices. The Fixed Signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius at 0-2 degrees are the most affected.
On Friday we have a Mercury/Saturn Opposition. This will go back to Mercury moving into Cancer. We can hear news that affects how secure we feel. This can be a personal energy if you have of the Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn between 5 & 8 degrees. Its a time when we hear worrisome news, or we become more concerned than necessary about everything. For all of us its a time when we look a little deeper into facts. Because we still have the Venus/Uranus Square active we could hear some disturbing financial news that affects all of us.
On Saturday Mercury is again highlighted when Mars and Mercury form an Inconjunct, its a time when we hear aggressive statements. Some we can take seriously others we cannot and we can be confused on which is which. We all need to speak our truth, but on Saturday make sure your truth is loving and said nicely.

Date: Sunday, June 17, 2018
Priority: Medium
Access: Public
Created by: Lelonni Campbell
Updated: Saturday, June 9, 2018 12:57pm

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