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Description Mercury and Pluto open the week as they inconjunct each other. Mercury is about news, things we hear, how we speak, Pluto is powerful sometimes hidden sometimes willing to exert power. This can translate into hearing or saying things that are powerful or create powerful reactions. It can also mean things are said that are challenging and provocative. So my advice would be to avoid uncomfortable topics if you can, the day will provide all of us with information we dislike or feel uncomfortable with. We can also find we don't process information right away it takes a while for you to fully react to information,
The Mercury/Pluto energy follows us into Monday where it is joined by a Venus/Mars Inconjunct. this is a lot of unstable/unpredictable energy. Its not a great day to make financial decisions and we can see some fairly difficult energy around relationships. On the world stage it can be leaders or groups acting on, on a personal level it can mean its not a great day to do anything that could jeopardies a current relationship of any type.
Mars is taking up space this week, not only is it retrograde its Conjunct the S Node as of Tuesday, the Nodes have to do with Eclipse, the Signs the Nodes are in will be where most Eclipses Occur. Our Lunar Eclipse next week will be in Leo and Aquarius, right where the nodes are. We have Mars close to the brightness it had back in 2003 when it was closer to Earth than it had been in 60,000 years, its retrograde and now it is conjunct the S Node. All of this means we can find ways to promote the oneness we all are, or we can find the divisions in who we are. My guess is both ends of that spectrum will show itself. We will see more protesting and looking at ideals and more hostile talk that cause concerns about stability and peace. This will culminate in two weeks, but its a background energy until then, at times it will be stronger than it is at others. If you have Fixed Planets, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius between 5-7 degrees you will feel this energy. You may feel pushed enough to take action and make some big changes in your life.
As we move into the later part of the week, we have building energies. Often when we have this it can feel unstable especially when Mars is the dominant background player. The nice energy is between Venus and Jupiter they are moving towards a Sextile with each other, its a nice energy and a good financial indicator. This energy will not be exact until early next week, its what brings us into that week. But it is strong enough to help offset some of the more difficult combative energy of Mars.
We end our week with the Moon in Scorpio forming a T Square with the N/S Nodes, Mars and Uranus, this is tense energy that can have us feeling irritated/annoyed. But it also ends the day with a nice Trine to Neptune, an energy we can all feel good in.

Date Sun, July 22, 2018
Priority 5-Medium
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Created by Lelonni Campbell
Updated Sat, July 14, 2018 3:26pm GMT

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