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Description: Our upcoming week is filled with building energy and will be quite active. But we start with a nice/positive energy. Sunday still has the energy of a Venus/Jupiter Sextile. This is the energy of feeling good, being willing to take a chance, a desire to help others and enjoyment when being with those we love and enjoy. Its also a lucky energy so if you have planets or points between 12/15 degrees of the sign Virgo and Scorpio its a great day to take bold actions as they can payoff in love and finances. We also have the Sun move into Leo on Sunday afternoon at 5:00PM EDT. The Sun rules Leo and shines at its brightest when in this sign.
By Tuesday the Sun makes its first contact with a planet when it Squares Uranus. This is unstable energy, its also a very excitable energy. This is the start of the build up to the Lunar Eclipse later on in the week. Its also a time when Mercury is just about to go retrograde. Its a time when its hard to believe all you see and hear, but the energy pushes those who are reactive to be more reactive, especially the Uranian type of personality. If you have planets or points in the early part of the Fixed Signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius you may find your life feeling like it has speeded up, or you can feel as if you are not if full control. I have found that when Uranian energy is strong it is destabilizing to people who are not grounded, it can produce a generalized anxiety for all of us. So staying centered and grounded can help you navigate unchartered waters. We also have a Venus Neptune Opposition on Tuesday. These two planets are great together, they are very loving when used in the higher form each expresses. But they can also be deceptive, where you find Neptune you find we all see what we want to see. In a general sense we look at Venus in relationships and finances. Neptune brings a quality of fuzziness, so we can misjudge our feelings in both. Its a day to take a deep breath and wait 24 hours before making a major romantic or financial choice. Or use these energies to create as they are very creative together. Its also a great time to start a daily meditation practice. Or better yet wait until Friday when Venus makes a nice Trine to Pluto, Pluto just loves to force us to look at how things really are. The balance of the Neptune and Pluto energy will help you make good choices for yourself.
On Thursday 7/26 at 1:02 AM EDT Mercury goes Retrograde at 23 degrees of Leo. Mercury Retrograde times are when we need to be cautious in agreements, plans, communications and purchases. Mercury in this position often has us regret agreements, or things change so the agreement cannot be completed. Where it happens in our personal Horoscope can show areas where it will be felt in our personal lives. Mercury Retrograde seems to have become a catch all phrase for when things don't go right. I am someone who feels often we make to much of Mercury Retrograde, but some really are more difficult than others and the one we are moving into falls in that more difficult category. We have unstable energy and an Eclipse on the way, this sets the stage for major misunderstandings and miscommunications. So be careful of what you believe as all facts may not be what they seem.
The big event of the week is the Total Lunar Eclipse, it happens at 4:20 PM EDT on Friday July 27th. This Eclipse will not be visible in the US, its point of totality and visibility is mostly in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and parts of Europe. One of the more interesting thing about this event is that it is the longest Eclipse of the 21st Century. This mean we will not have another Lunar Eclipse of this length until after 2100, that is pretty impressive. The longest its possible for a Lunar Eclipse to last is 1 hour and 47 minutes this Lunar Eclipse will be 1 hour 42 minutes, so its an important event. Its also an Eclipse that has a difficult and close planetary energy. We see the Sun/Moon opposition, all Full Moon's are an exact opposition. But we also see Mars in Aquarius very close to the Moon, or in conjunction with the Moon meaning Mars is also Opposing the Sun All three are also Square Uranus. This is powerful and extremely volatile energy Its explosive, figuratively and literarily. We can expect fire works, this can be in the form of weather such as in major storms that cause damage, it can be powerful disagreements that lead to a rupturing of relationships, we see people just irritable and in disagreements. The world is seeing more and more protests, more people tired of feeling left out, people wanting to see justice, so this Full Moon is a perfect catalyst so don't be surprised if you see people in the streets. And of course emotions will run high which can lead to confrontations. And we can see aggression by nations, countries and leaders. We can also see leaders in positions of danger. We also see Saturn Inconjunct the Sun, so some of the events we see have long term relevance. Remember that all Full Moons are about letting go and releasing what no long works in your life. So you may see the Full Moon bring up things you thought you had left in your past, allow those things to come up so you can release and let go where its necessary. Also be aware that the power of this Moon is strong and create strong emotional surges for all of us.
Saturday brings the waning Trine between Venus and Pluto, this is energy that can help us repair and rebuild. It allows us to take those emotional releases and make something positive from them. Its the power of transformation.
Date: Sunday, July 29, 2018
Priority: Medium
Access: Public
Created by: Lelonni Campbell
Updated: Saturday, July 21, 2018 5:57pm

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