Description: We end the month of July with an abundance of retrograde energy, we have 5 planets retrograde, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto with Uranus slowing down and getting ready to join them when it turns retrograde on 8/7/2018. This is a lot of backwards moving energy. What we find during times like this is we feels as if we are collectively stuck. Efforts undertaken during this time period may not make it to completion. We keep going back over projects or they just don't work out. A bit of frustration is not uncommon for all of us. Mercury retrograde always means a time when we have confusion, miscommunications and a reversal of decisions, but this time around that may be a little more intense, as Uranus and Mercury are the ultimate trouble makers, they bounce of each other like to two good friends us having fun. Their is a strong sense of the unexpected anything can and probably will happen. Its a time to double check everything, and to take promises with a gain of salt. A positive use of this energy is the ability to have insights on things that up until now you are just not understanding. Also great for brain storming and hanging out with like mind people.
Back in the day Astrologers had all jobs, and one of them was weather. they would calculate times when it was more likely to rain or when storms might pop up. Of course back then they did not use the outer planets the Moon was one of the major indicators of weather. Mercury was winds, Saturn was cold, Jupiter was nice or mild weather, Mars was storms and so on. In modern Astrology the outer planets are used, they add a depth to weather prediction. For this week the Mercury/Mars/Uranus energy can bring storms and winds. They can start suddenly and end suddenly.
Monday brings a Square between Mars and Uranus, this is the same Square that was a part of the Lunar Eclipse of last week, and the energy is with us all week, peaking on Wed August 1. This is an extremely volatile energy. Mars and Uranus enjoy each other, they act as the dare devils of the Solar System. We can see acts of courage and acts that are rash and not thought out. We can expect others to be impatient at best, hostile at worst. If you have 0-5 degrees of planets or points in the Fixed Signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, this energy will affect you.
The middle of the week does not have a lot of outstanding energies, so Mercury, Mars and Uranus get most of the attention. We do have some Saturn energy that can help offset the volatility of the Mars Uranus, and calm down some of the more provocative proclamations of Mercury and Uranus. But even with that we will see and hear things that surprise us
Friday brings a Mercury/Pluto Inconjunct. (this aspect is active on Saturday also) These two planets together bring focus, its also the energy of figuring things out, bringing the hidden to the surface. We may hear news that someone has been working on for a long time. If you have If you have planets or points at 18-21 degrees of Leo or Capricorn this energy will show itself in your life. You may want to dig into a problem that has a solution that has been avoiding you.
We end the week with a Fixed T-Square between the Moon, Sun and Jupiter. This is not a major energy its short lived as the Moon moves quickly. T-Squares are tensions, but this T-Square is bringing together an energy that wants to enjoy life, the tension can come from not finding the time or way to do so. if you can find yourself in a place to be with those you love Saturday is the day to do so.
Date: Sunday, August 5, 2018
Priority: Medium
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Created by: Lelonni Campbell
Updated: Saturday, July 28, 2018 1:44pm

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