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Description The week starts with the Saturn/Uranus Trine once again as a dominant player. This is a nice energy, these planets have a synergy between them as they both rule Aquarius. Prior to the discovery or Uranus Saturn was used as the sole ruler of Aquarius. Uranus is the new where Saturn is the old one of the best examples of duality. When working well with each other we see new ideas grounded in organizational abilities of Saturn. So for anyone having planets or important point in the chart in Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn between 1-3 degree, its a great time for financial choices, business decisions or even starting a building project. You will find your projects move forward with ease, it also speaks well to financial energy in general. This Trine will be with us all week, where other energies help or hinder.
We also still have the energy of the Mercury Venus Sextile that stated last week. It is lasting longer than usual as Mercury is just getting back up to its normal speed after its retrograde cycle. This is a nice energy for agreements, its a coming together on ideas and thoughts. Its nice energy for presenting a project, or maybe start a writing project, or have that talk with some one who always seems to disagree with you.
Wednesday brings in some tension with a Mercury Mars Inconjunct, we may hear things that trigger anger, or we find ourselves saying something in a way that angers others. Probably best to hold your tongue and wait for another day to speak your mind. We also have Mercury changing signs on the same day, at 10:39 PM EDT Mercury moves into Virgo. The planet of communication in the sign of Virgo is a good energy for fact finding.
On Thursday we have a Sun/Neptune opposition. Wherever we find Neptune we find some form of confusion, or a lack of clarity. So it may be a time when things are happening we don't understand the what or why. It can also indicate that the lack of clarity is intentional, someone wants us confused and unclear. Its not a great day for making a major commitment especially if you have Mutable Sign, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces placements in your chart between 13-16 degrees. A bit of a balance for this energy is Saturn moving direct as Mercury moves towards a Trine with Saturn.
When we move into Friday clarity returns as Mercury Trines Saturn, and forms a Grand Trine with Uranus. This is a nice energy for clear and precise reasoning, especially if you have Earth Sign placements between 1-4 degrees.
On Friday Venus and Mars form a Square aspect. Squares are blockages, Venus is playing nice with others Mars is assertive to aggressive. So that agreement energy of earlier in the week falls a apart. this Square lasts into Saturday eve.
We end the week on a quite note as a New Moon is forming in Virgo. We start next week with that New Moon.

Date Sun, September 9, 2018
Priority 5-Medium
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Created by Lelonni Campbell
Updated Sun, September 2, 2018 7:33am GMT

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