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Description: The lead energy for the week is a Mercury/Jupiter Conjunction in Scorpio. Jupiter and Mercury together are great, they are both planets that love facts and ideas as well as learning and sharing information. In Scorpio we see these two look beyond the surface and go deep. they are not contented with just getting the gist of an idea, they want to fully understand it. So you can see that play out as a search for truth, or a need to fully understand. We may see the news media dig deep for facts and call our falsehoods. these two can be the bearer of good news, in Scorpio it can be about medical discoveries or maybe some hidden facts or secrets are exposed. Great time to look for answers this is great energy for detective work. Or maybe for the week of Halloween we use the magic of Scorpio to make a witch's brew
On Monday, because of Venus's current Retrograde motion, we have another Venus/Uranus Opposition. As I said last week this can indicate instability especially in the financial markets. Its also not great energy for making agreements, its difficult to impossible to get two people to see things the same way. Since both planets are in Fixed Signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, we see people dig in and refuse to consider any viewpoint but their own. This energy is with us most of the week.
On Wednesday, Halloween, we see Mercury move into Sagittarius, and Venus Retrogrades back into Libra. So its a day of shifting energy, we move from the seriousness of Scorpio to the lighter energy of Libra and Sagittarius. So enjoy Halloween the energy is quite social.
As we move towards the end of the week, once again we are in an energetic shift, Jupiter is getting ready to leave Scorpio and move into Sagittarius, the Sun is moving into a Trine with Neptune, Uranus is getting ready to move back into Aries for 3 months and Jupiter and Uranus are moving into an Inconjunct. This means we are on the leading edge of a new energy. I am not so sure I think of this as a good or bad thing as much as its just different. The Jupiter Uranus energy in particular can be exciting, its that energy you feel when you are really looking forward to something and just can't wait until its time for it to happen. Think a child waiting to go to a birthday party. Jupiter in Sagittarius is fun, planets are always more fun when they are in the sign they rule. Jupiter is an upbeat planet and Sagittarius is an upbeat sign, so we can see more optimism and hope, especially if you are a Fire Sign Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The Sun (Scorpio) Neptune(Pisces) in Water Signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces have moments of extreme sensitivity, you can feel how others are feeling you senses are just more aware or acute. You can be drawn to causes you care about, or you take actions based on how you feel about making the world a better place. But you can also get lost in your emotions. For those who are creative this is a good time to use your skills.

Date: Sunday, November 4, 2018
Priority: Medium
Access: Public
Created by: Lelonni Campbell
Updated: Sunday, October 28, 2018 10:28am

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