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Description One of the dominate energies of 2019 is a Sextile between Saturn and Neptune. Sextiles are a positive energy that often bring opportunity and creative ideas. The beginning of the week brings the culminating energy of this Sextile which is exact on 1/31. This Sextile occurs 3 times, the first this Thursday, the other two dates are 6/18 and 11/8.This transit brings with it the promise of using our creative nature in a grounded way. The energy of this aspect is the ability to take an idea or a dream and turn it into reality. It also has a spiritual side where you find you want to help others, or maybe just make a difference in someone's life. On a collective level it brings the opportunity for all of us to live our lives on a higher level, we find our spiritual values can take us to places we never expect to go. Its also a great time to develop a meditation routine. It can even bring us together, its what we need when we live in tumultuous times. This energy will most affect Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn with degrees between 13-15 degrees.

On Monday/Tuesday Mercury Conjuncts the Sun in Aquarius, this is a lot of mental energy, its talking planning, thinking, a lot of news, so much that it can be exhausting. You may find yourself talking to people you don't even know. Aquarius is a sign that has ideas that can seem different, and often they are, but that being different is what gets attention and allows to come up with news ways exchanging ideas. Its a great energy for brainstorming and negotiations. Its also a great energy for selling as in retail settings, or just selling an idea.

Wed brings some interesting energy with the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius and Square Neptune in Pisces. We may see the seperating Square triggered by the Moon. One of the energies this brings is feeling all will just be fine even if the facts don't support that energy. I would not suggest Wed as a day to make an important decision or an important purchase. You may find a day or so later your glad you waited. This combo of planets can create the illusion of all being something that glitters and shines, that we later find out is really old and rusty.

At the end of the week, starting on Friday and into Saturday, we move into a much more intense energy as Mars in Aries Squares Pluto in Capricorn. This is power plays, bullying and in genial others forcing their ideas or will on others. At its worst this Square can be violent, at its best it gives the courage to overcome all obstacles. On the world stage this can play out between counties, it can be one country forcing itself on others, or it can be violent political unrest For most of us it will just be a tense energy without major implications, but for those with Cardinal Points, Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn between 20-22degrees in their charts it can be more personal and its best to avoid those who show any tendency towards aggression.

Saturday brings some fun energy and Venus Trines Uranus the Fire Signs, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius will love this energy. its flirty, light , and adventurous. Its a great day to take a day trip, or just get together with people you enjoy.
Date Sun, January 27, 2019
Priority 5-Medium
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Created by Lelonni Campbell
Updated Sat, January 26, 2019 5:59pm GMT

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